CLL Accounting & Tax and Charities
It is an interesting time for charities. The debate continues as to whether trustees should be paid for providing their services which would certainly help towards resolving the problem of finding financial trustees. In the meantime, some small charities find themselves without specialist financial expertise on their board of trustees.

Sound financial management is key for charities and, following the collapse of a major national charity, the Charity Commission is now placing the emphasis on “reserves resilience” rather than the previous policy of not encouraging charities to hold significant unrestricted reserves.

At CLL Accounting & Tax we are happy to provide financial training to boards of trustees if they feel they do not have sufficient financial expertise on the board.  Understanding the charity operational model is key to good financial management and this is something we can help with.  Cash flow forecasting and “stress testing” the operational model is also essential to ensure that the unrestricted reserves of the charity have built in resilience.

Sound financial control is also key to a financially well run charity.  Chris Lockhart is an experienced auditor and has been advising companies on sound financial controls for a number of years and the application to charities is now more pertinent than ever.

We also produce the statutory charity accounts under the Charity SORP (FRS 102) and undertake Independent Examination of those charities within the permitted size criteria.

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Chris has transformed our accounting and oversight. She has ensured that we have the right governance in place on the right technology platform. Since working with her we have been able to improve the quality of financial information that we regularly assess, have more rigorous processes and save money. She is not afraid to challenge things that can be improved. The net result is that being a Treasurer is now much easier.

JG (identity withheld to maintain client confidentiality)


I was introduced to Chris Lockhart during my search for an Accountant with specialist knowledge and skills in the Charity arena.  Chris has proven invaluable in providing an initial thorough audit of our systems, processes, and risk analyses, before proceeding as our Independent Examiner.  Her approach is thorough and exhaustive, leaving no stone unturned in her quest for excellence.  We are wholly impressed with the services she has provided so far, and Chris is already identifying financial efficiencies and future gift aid gains we can yield in the future.

LG (identity withheld to maintain client confidentiality)


Chris Lockhart was recommended by our last Independent Examiner to be her replacement for the financial year 2015/16.  I have found Chris to be a thoroughly professional, enthusiastic, and proactive person who has contributed greatly to the financial well being of this charity.  She has been extremely helpful with her guidance and comments and we feel confident that she will be a huge asset as we continue to develop.

CC (identity withheld to maintain client confidentiality)